Smells, Scents, And Smoke!

Going on a first date and smelling your dates obnoxious cologne or perfume can be irritating, it is the same with houses. Have you ever walked into a friends home and you have so many overwhelming aromas that it gives you a headache? Many people don’t realize the over use of aromatics in their home because they spend most of their time in it. You don’t want to tie a rubber band around the handle for an air freshener, like you would a sink hose to pull a prank, and just let the entire can out in a room. Certain scents fit the area your home is in as well. If you are in the mountains a pine scent is generally pleasing, if you are near the beach an ocean breeze scent works. One thing that will turn people running for the hills is the smell of smoke in a home! You want to avoid that smell as much as you can.


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