Here Comes The Heat! (not Miami)

With Summer right around the corner, temperatures in Charlotte and everywhere else are rising! You don’t want to run the electic bill through the roof, but you also don’t want to burn up in your house! Energy Star houses are always a huge plus because they use less energy meaning your bill wont break your wallet! Here are some other tips to beat the summer heat and help you save money!

-Set up sun blockers at your windows

-Turn off electronics when you’re done with them (desktops, laptops, TVs, etc.)

-Of course stay hydrated

-Hand dry your dishes

-Hang your laundry on a clothesline

You can even do something psychological and read a book about the cold to not only get your mind off the heat but give you a chilling sensation like walking past the frozen foods isle. There are many other things you can do, and be creative and think of certain things you can do to help.



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