Plant Care In Extreme Heat!

Many people love gardening not only as a hobby but a way to stay away from the pesticide ridden greens at the grocery store. Seeing how Charlotte is going to be in the high 90’s and low 100’s this Summer you need to definitely need to make sure you take proper care of your own Garden of Eden. You have to know that each plant requires different care and you should make sure you dont plant one in too much shade, water too often, etc.


-For most vegetables and other garden plants you should water each regularly and make sure the water penetrates the soil deeply.

-To prevent moisture being lost from the soil you should also lay out at least three inches of mulch (preferably organic). This will also regulate the soil temperature and keep it ideal for your garden.

-You want to put shade only over some of the more sensitive plants to give you a few extra days before they bolt.


-Trees and shrubs should be watered with two to four inches of water a week under extreme heat. When you water you don’t want to just dump all of the water on at once, you want to let it slowly soak into the soil down to the roots.

-With shrubbery you want to just mist it a few times per day to prevent the foliage from drying and withering.

I hope these few tips will help you and your green thumb!


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