You Have A Beautiful Home, But This Decor…

A lot of people like to put their own personality into the decorations of their home, but buyers aren’t interested in that Big Head sticker your husband has on the wall in his office. Attempting to find what a buyer is looking for is difficult, especially since you have that one of a kind attachment with your home and how you designed it. You might think that the vase in your dining room compliments the color of the walls, but a buyer could think completely different and just turn them around. That’s why you need a staging professional to help you sell your home, and Marcyne Toughton with Domaine Staging is top of the line! Domaine Staging has a very impressive portfolio with examples of how they can turn a cluttered work space into a relaxing environment. Marcyne also is an Accredited Staging Professional Master in North America, only one of 140 in North America! To get contact information, browse through her portfolio, or check out the whole Domaine Staging team click here.


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