Cameras Cameras Cameras

Cameras are a huge factor in real estate, either you have your own or you hire professionals to take pictures for you. Obviously having your own has its perks like saving thousands of dollars a year and being able to take the pictures YOU want. It also shows your clients that you are dedicated to them, not some group of photographers. Now when you’re looking at cameras all the technology can sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo but if you do your research, narrow your choices down, and compare side by side it can help you pick out the perfect camera. Now there are a few things you want to consider when browsing cameras, some of these things are:

-Megapixels (mp) are one of the most important things to look for, the higher the mp the finer and sharper the picture

-The sensor is another huge factor to look for, the more pixels the sensor has the finer the picture as well

-Battery life can be frustrating if you dont remember to always charge your camera

-The different modes the camera has can help you make a certain mood appear in a room you would like

-Shooting modes can range from single, continuous, and 3D panoramic and are important not only for capturing that perfect moment at a sport event, but also getting every wall in a room seen

Now there are interesting camera ideas that deserve some looking into. There are cameras that will take a 360 degree picture of an entire room which is every realtors dream! They have one of these that is a little big larger than an egg and is easily transportable, it is called the Tamaggo 360-Imager and costs $200. Now if that seems a little unreasonable there is also the Dot from Kogeto which is $50 and attaches to your iPhone 4(s) and will take 360 degree pictures just not as good quality as the Tamaggo.

There are thousands of cameras out there, from secret cameras embedded in a button in your suit or watch to cameras big enough to take a picture of galaxys lightyears away from us. Which ever you decide on, love it and use it as frequently as possible because you never want to look back and say “I wish I had a picture of that.”



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