Hump Day Brain Teasers

It’s hump day and I know that you’re starting to think about the weekend and taking your boat out on the lake, fishing for some 12 pound large mouth bass, and kicking back with a couple friends. You feel like you’re working your brain to a pulp, well you can work that brain back to its fully functional form with some brain teasers. I will put some brain teaser questions and then all the answers well under the questions themself.


1. You are the bus driver. At your first stop, you pick up 29 people. On your second stop, 18 of those 29 people get off, and at the same time 10 new passengers arrive. At your next stop, 3 of those 10 passengers get off, and 13 new passengers come on. On your fourth stop 4 of the remaining 10 passengers get off, 6 of those new 13 passengers get off as well, then 17 new passengers get on. What is the color of the bus driver’s eyes?

2. A rooster lays an egg at the very top of a slanted roof. Which side is the egg going to roll off on?

3. A completely black dog was strolling down Main street during a total blackout affecting the entire town. Not a single streetlight had been on for hours. As the dog crosses the center of the road a Buick Skylark with 2 broken headlights speeds towards it, but manages to swerve out of the way just in time. How could the driver see the dog to swerve in time?

4. My daughter has many sisters. She has as many sisters as she has brothers. Each of her brothers has twice as many sisters as brothers. How many sons and daughters do I have?

5. What seven-letter word has hundreds of letters in it?















1. You are the bus driver, it is whatever color your eyes are. Read the first sentence

2. Neither, roosters dont lay eggs

3. It was during the day, not the night

4. Four daughters and three sons

5. Mailbox

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Hump Day!


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