Helpful Real Estate Apps For Your Smartphone

Many people find the entire smartphone concept perplexing. “It can make phone calls and thats all I need it for!” That statement is extremely out of date, you may just “need” it to make phone calls but why not utilize it if you spent the money? There are many helpful, some already installed, apps on your phone. Obviously calculator and calendar are amazing and save you from forgetting an event or calculating a tip. In today’s day and age we have many other apps which can do a lot more for you than you think, from finding out your clients mortgage payments to finding everything out about a home just from a picture. These are some of my favorite apps for a fellow REALTOR and clients alike;

-HomeSnap by Sawbuck Realty is an app where you can take a picture of a home that is for sale, and using GPS coordinates and matching the picture the app will tell you tons of information about pricing, size, other pictures, when it was last sold, etc.

-Open House Manager by WahSoft LLC is what you expect from the name, an app to help you with open houses! This app is only available for iPads running OS5.1 or later however. It will take everyone’s name and contact information and sync it together with other devices and make it easy to find potential buyers information Mobile Apps by is great for keeping up with the market and browsing local homes for sale and quickly getting in contact with the listing agent. This is available on Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Those are some of the most helpful apps you can find, and they are all free! For more amazing real estate related apps click here


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