Add Some Curb Appeal!

Spring and Summer months mean it’s time to start that dreaded yard work… This year, why not have a little fun and update the exterior of your home while your at it? There is nothing like a little makeover to make your home feel brand new!

1) Change The Fixtures. This might be the quickest and cheapest way to give your home a new look! From modern to elegant, classic to colorful, you can really change the feel of your entryway just by updating the fixtures.

2) Paint. It is a a little more time consuming, but a fresh coat of paint will make a dramatic difference. Keep it simple by making the whites a little more white (columns and railing), or make a statement with a nice mustard siding.

3) New Landscaping. Everyone can agree that landscaping will ‘make or break’ your curb appeal. If you are on a budget, maybe just clean up a bit: new pine straw/mulch, crisp edging, remove weeds, or even add one or two potted plants. If you are willing to put in the work, there are plenty of fun ideas: replace grass with ground coverings, plant new flowers and shrubs, and/or add a border around your beds!

Read about a few more ideas from This Old House.



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