DIY Gallery Wall!

One of the best ways to personalize any room is to add your very own gallery wall! Not only will it add style, but it is a gentle reminder of important moments in your life. You can include pictures of your favorite people, major events, places you have traveled, and so much more. Make it a work of art by adding any of the following:

  • Artwork– This can be framed work from your children, something personal you’ve created, or a fantastic piece you’ve picked up along the way. I love to look on Etsy for things like this!
  • Shelves– If you add shelves to your gallery, that will allow you to include things like candles, vases, and other items that can’t be hung. Ikea has some cool picture ledges!
  • Sconces– I love the versatility here…  You can go with candles, flowers, or even sconces that allow you to change between the two… Check out these mason jar sconces!
  • Letters/Initials– These are all the rage these days. From metal to wood to fabric, you really can’t go wrong!

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