Neighborhood Spotlight: Eastover in Charlotte!

The Eastover neighborhood was begun in 1927 by Charlotte’s E. C. Griffith Company. Its earliest curving drives were the work of Earle Sumner Draper, perhaps the premier urban planner in the Southeastern United States in the early twentieth century. From its founding to the present day, Eastover has been the home of many of the financiers, cotton brokers, lawyers, and other leaders who have directed the growth of Charlotte and the surrounding Piedmont industrial area.

Eastover is located southeast of the center city, across Providence Road from the earlier prestigious neighborhood of Myers Park. Eastover occupies a very gently rolling hillside which slopes down to Briar Creek. Except for the city’s Mint Museum of Art, the Eastover Elementary School, a pair of multi-family buildings, and a single church, the neighborhood consists almost entirely of large single-family residences, some 550 in number. Though the fine dwellings that once lined Providence Road itself have given way to commercial development since World War II, the rest of the neighborhood retains its well-kept residential character. Read More…

Homes for Sale in Eastover




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