Why Pay Commission?

You are considering putting your home on the market this spring, but you’re not sure if you should use a Realtor…. Why pay the commission at closing?

Here is why from A to Z:

  • Advertising:  The broker pays all the advertising costs.
  • Bargain:   Research shows that 77% of sellers felt their commissions were “well spent.”
  • Contract Writing:   The REALTOR can supply all the necessary forms to speed up the transaction.
  • Details:   A REALTOR frees you from handling the many details of selling a home.
  • Experience Know-How:   A REALTOR is aware of the many options for financing the sale.
  • Glossary:   A real estate professional understands and can explain the real estate lingo.
  • Homework:   A REALTOR will do the homework on how to best market your home.
  • Information:   If you have a real estate question, a REALTOR will know (or can get) the answer.
  • Juggle Showings:   A REALTOR will schedule and handle all showings.
  • Keeps YOUR Best Interests in mind: It is a REALTOR’S job.
  • Laws: A Real Estate Professional will be up to date on the real estate laws that affect you.
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS):   The MOST EFFECTIVE means of bringing together buyers and sellers.
  • Negotiations:   A REALTOR can handle all the price and contract negotiations.
  • Open Houses:   A Popular Marketing Technique.
  • Prospects:  The broker has a network of contacts that can produce potential buyers.
  • Qualified Buyers:   Avoid opening your home to “curiosity seekers”.
  • REALTOR:   A Member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) who subscribes to a STRICT CODE OF ETHICS
  • Suggested Price:  The REALTOR will do a market analysis to establish a fair-market price range.
  • Time:   One of the most valuable resources in a REALTOR.
  • Unbiased Opinion:  Most owners are too emotional about their homes to be objective.
  • V.I.P.   That’s how you’ll be treated by your REALTOR.
  • Wisdom:   A Knowledgeable REALTOR wisdom that comes only with experience.
  • X Marks the Spot:   A REALTOR is right there with you through the final signing of papers.
  • Yard Signs:  A REALTOR provides a professional sign, encouraging SERIOUS BUYERS.
  • Zero-Hour Superior Support:   Selling a home can be an emotional experience.  A REALTOR CAN HELP.

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