Listing FAQs

  1. Do we have to pay anything to list our house?

No, you will not pay anything to list your house; we absorb all marketing costs.

  1. What should we do to prepare our house for the market?

In this market it is a price war and a beauty contest. Unless you have a fantastic location, it always helps to spruce up the place. Please refer to our showing checklist for ideas once you are listed.

  1. How will we know if we are getting a showing?

Once the house is on the market you are immediately entered into the Centralized Showing Service. When a showing request is placed by an agent, Centralized Showing Service will call you to have the showing approved.

  1. How quickly will we receive feedback?

The agent who shows the house will receive a feedback request from the Centralized Showing Service within an hour of showing the home. The agent will then provide feedback at their convenience. You will be given login information to the Centralized Showing website, where you can view feedback anytime. You will also be notified via email when feedback has been given.

  1. What if we don’t get feedback on a showing?

Sometimes agents just don’t provide feedback. If we don’t hear anything after a few days, we will send another request. If we still don’t hear anything we will place a call. There are several circumstances where an agent will not respond, and very likely they just went with another property.

  1. How often will we hear from you?

You can expect to hear from someone in our office on a monthly basis. Generally we will call with feedback, to ask about price reductions, and just to check in. When there isn’t a flurry of activity, it may be several weeks between calls/emails and that is perfectly normal! You can rest assured we are still working diligently to market your home online and with other agents. If you have any questions or concerns you are also welcome to call or email me anytime.

  1. We have pets in the house, how will that affect our chances of selling?

If you really want to sell your home, you will need to make arrangements for your pets. If you miss showings because there is no one to let the pets out of the house, you GREATLY reduce your chances of being sold. If there is no one available to let your pets out, I highly recommend crating them during the day.  Many realtors will NOT reschedule a showing once they have been declined.

  1. We have an alarm system. How does that work with showings?

We will need to pass along the alarm code to the Centralized Showing Service, and they can relay instructions to agents before each showing. Agents will set the alarm when they leave.

  1. Who can show our house, and when?

Only licensed agents registered with the Multiple Listing Service in NC can show your home, and each showing is recorded with the Centralized Showing Service. Showings can take place from 8:00AM-8:00PM seven days a week.  Expect to be inconvenienced!

  1. Can I be present during a showing?

It is NOT recommended that you stay in the house during a showing. Many agents and buyers will not even step foot in a house if the seller is present. It is always best to step out for the two hour window your home is being shown.


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