Two Coffee Shops in Charlotte make NC’s Top Ten List

Today it seems like everyone loves coffee.  From lattes to cappuccinos, mocha’s to espressos, the number of people drinking coffee in the US is staggering.

Take a look at some of these statistics:

  • 68% of all coffee drinkers state they have a cup of coffee within 1 hour of waking up
  • 54% of coffee drinkers are over 18-  What???
  • The average size of a coffee purchased is 9 oz.
  • Total amount of money that is spent yearly on specialty coffee in the U.S. is 18 billion…yes that is BILLION.
  • The average coffee drinker spends $165 dollars  on coffee each year
  • Total percentage of coffee drinkers who say coffee makes them feel more like themselves is a staggering 54%
  • Check out this crazy statistic….the total number of U.S. daily coffee drinkers is 100 MILLION!

So the question is, where do you go to get a great cup of coffee?  Is it all about the coffee or the experience and the coffee rolled into one? Next time you are looking for “the best of the best” coffee in Charlotte NC, check out these two great coffee houses that made the NC Top Ten List.

Smelly Cat Coffeehouse


Not Just Coffee

So if you are new to Charlotte, NC or interested in finding a great place to have coffee check these two places out.  They are sure to please.  (for a map and location click on the link).

For more information about living in Charlotte NC go to our website:

Charlotte Homes For Sale


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