Staycation Ideas: Winter Edition!

Temperatures are a little low in and around the Queen City, so you are stuck at home waiting for the ice to melt and the roads to clear. Take a deep breath and ENJOY your time at home- you needed a little vacation anyway!  Here are some ideas for a wonderful stay-cation!

1) Enjoy breakfast food… Most weekdays we are running out of the house with a banana in one hand, and luke-warm coffee in the other! Why not take a minute to enjoy breakfast, or better yet- have breakfast for lunch or dinner! Fire up the griddle and go all out: waffles, french toast, omelet. Whatever you have in the pantry will do!

2) Take a nap… Sometimes I think inclemint weather is nature’s way of telling us to slow down and relax. Rest is so important, so take advantage of your time at home and catch up on some sleep!

3) Make some candy… When the kids come in cold and wet from playing in the snow (or ice) why not settle in for a fun family project? Try something new like the candy recipes from, or rely on your favorite go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe.

4) Happy hour at home… You don’t have to work, so why not whip up a nice cocktail, open a bottle of wine, or create something new? For a really good time- put together some simple appetizers and go to town.

5) Have an at-home spa day… Fill up the tub, find your comfiest pjs, add a slice of cucumber to your water, turn on your favorite music, pull out that mask from under the bathroom sink and enjoy your very own at-home spa. We so rarely take the time to pamper ourselves- why not now?

6) Skype with family and friends… Chances are you know a few people in the area who are also snowed-in, set up a little Skype date and catch up! This would also be a nice time for the kids to see grandparents who are out of town!!!

7) Movie night (or day)… Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, and who knows what else- there are plenty of options for entertainment. Melt the butter, pop the popcorn, settle in- and get your Grey’s Anatomy marathon going!

8) Tackle that Pinterest project… We all have projects pinned on various boards that we will get to someday. That day is today! Go ahead and reorganize the pantry, create your wall gallery, print and frame your wedding pictures, make labels for your office, shop your closet for new ideas, or organize vacation pictures with If you’re not feeling especially motivated, then maybe just hop on pinterest and plan for your next projects 🙂

9) Read a book… Nothing says vacation like a good book! Check out for some suggestions.

10) Workout… Sometimes being stuck at home can be frustrating. Help your body to release endorphins by spending 30-60 minutes doing something active at home. From yoga to belly dancing you can find all kinds of workouts online, you could even play Wii with the kids- anything to get your blood pumping will do your body some good.



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