Skyscrapers Coming to Charlotte!

Many are now considering Tryon Place to be Uptown Charlotte’s most significant new development in decades. The project is ‘mixed-use’, meaning it will include retail, commercial, and residential spaces. The reason it will be so significant is due to the sheer volume of retail and green space it will include.

Crescent Communities is planning to build over 30,000 sq. ft. of retail space, in addition to public plazas, courtyards, and greenspace throughout the development. This will forever transform the southwest section of Uptown and form a solid link between the arts section (Bechler and Mint museums), and SouthEnd’s rapidly growing developments.

charlotte tryon place skyscraperThe $300+ million project will feature two massive new skyscrapers, including a 700,000 sq. ft. office tower and an undisclosed 300 room boutique hotel.

The final floor count for both towers is currently unknown, but planning documents estimate they could be as tall as 42 stories.



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