Tips for Creating a Home Gym

It is mid-January, so New Year’s resolutions are in FULL SWING! If you are working to become more active, it might be important to create a space in your home where you can work out. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space for a home gym. Here are some tips for making due with what you already have.

  • Find something you enjoy! That is first and foremost. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t make a habit of doing it at home.
  • Get a coach! Fortunately for us- coaches come cheap in the way of workout videos. Nowadays there are videos for everything, FREE, and online!
  • Invest in a mirror! Find a comfortable space where you can workout, and purchase a mirror for the area. You’ll be able to correct your form AND watch the inches melt away.
  • Equip yourself! You don’t need major machines. The local sporting good store will have yoga mats, weights, chin-up bars, tension bands, etc. Stock up on simple items- your body weight will do the rest.
  • Create your space! Often the best places in your home to workout are sunny and warm. Pick a corner of your favorite room, then..
    1. Put up the mirror
    2. Find an inspiring quote or picture
    3. Grab something easy to store your equipment
    4. Put your playlist together
    5. Get moving 😉


Home Gym


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