The Stress of SELLING

I have a NEW appreciation for my sellers, and the incredible patience they have!

Just this past weekend, I put my home on the market. Although I’ve been in real estate for almost 15 years, I’ve been living in the same house the whole time. I certainly know what it takes to sell a home, but I’ve recently learned it’s much easier SAID than DONE.  As I have been trying to heed my own advice, I have also been losing my marbles. The time, money, thought, and worry that goes into selling your home is universal. As soon as it is “show ready” you have to go through the trouble of KEEPING it clean at all times! Showings may come all ours of the day/night, and very often we have to find a pet sitter. I am tired and we are only a few days into this process!


My list of chores over the last month:

  • Replace the counters
  • Replace the backsplash
  • Clean out the closets
  • Neutralize paint all over the house
  • Move excess decor and clunky (although beloved) furniture to storage
  • Clean the carpets (move all the furniture!)
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Allow for a 2-hr photo session
  • Touch up the landscaping

As if that weren’t enough, it’s a mad scramble for each showing:

  • Clean the counters
  • Pick up anything/everything we are working on
  • Turn on all the lights
  • Turn on all the fans
  • Light some candles
  • Put on soft relaxing music
  • Pack up the dog/kids
  • Find a place to hang out for 1-2hrs

Sheesh. I hear you sellers! I know your pain! I can relate! But rest assured, this will all be worth it when the right offer comes in 🙂

Sarah Moore: 704.706.4160




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