Help! My Buyer Walked Away!

Buyers walk away ALL the time and for a variety of reasons! The most important thing to do is take a deep breath and move forward. There is an expression that says, “It’s easier to give birth than raise the dead,” and that is certainly true in real estate. Here are some ways to hop on the offensive, and get back in the game:

  • Reach out to other interested parties. 
    Chances are there were a few other buyers interested in your property. Ask your agent to reach out to those agents, along with agents who were the last to show, and let them know your home is available again!
  • Consider getting your own inspection, and/or making repairs. 
    If there were issues your last buyers found, consider scheduling your own inspection. When you get the report, you can discuss making repairs with your agent. Maybe there is something that could be fixed that will appeal to new buyers.
  • Update your listing. 
    Talk with your agent about the price. If your contract was lower than asking price, you may consider lowing the price of your home to appeal to a wide audience. You want to stay on par with the current market. Also, you might consider freshening up the landscaping, decor, or paint. When you make changes, your agent can snap a few fresh pictures, and BAM! You are ready to sell.

Still for sale


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