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Stage the Home Yourself!

Thinking about selling? Inventory is low in and around the Charlotte area, so the market is on FIRE! Now is the time to get your home listed, but there are a few things you might want to consider before listing. Here are a few tips for staging the home yourself:

  1. Make it “Move-In” Ready!
    Neutralize paint, furniture and window coverings. You may love that red kitchen, but not everyone will. Buyers are more likely to put an offer on a home they feel gives them a fresh start and clean canvas.
  2. Declutter and depersonalize
    Potential buyers want to see themselves in your home. Simplify spaces by removing TV remotes, schoolwork, piles of laundry, to-do lists on the fridge, personal photos and excessive amounts of toys. Clean out closets and begin boxing up items… you need to get a head start on packing anyway!
  3. Appeal to the senses
    Deep clean your home or hire a professional cleaning company to make it sparkle – it gives buyers the impression the home has been well cared for! Open the blinds, turn on lights and fans, play some calming instrumental music, and consider a clean plug-in or order neutralizer.
  4. The Devil in the Details
    Look for items in your home that are dated, have harsh patterns or edgy colors, are too small to fill a wall or are too large on a small one. Styles that clash with one another, aged wallpaper, broken items you can’t repair, rusted car parts or clutter in your yard or patios all create eyesores. It’s better to have an empty wall, an empty room or nothing at all than something that doesn’t work for the space or is unappealing. Mirror your space after current styles and trends found in design magazines…. Pinterest is your friend!
  5. Remove Evidence of Pets
    If you have pets, consider confining them to one area of the house while your home is on the market, limiting wear and tear they have on the home. Buyers may be allergic, terrified, or just annoyed by pets and a barking dog will absolutely hurry a showing along.

Pimento Cheese Capitol of the World!

Growing up in Charlotte, it never occurred to me that people around the country weren’t eating pimento cheese. The spread (a mixture of cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and pimiento peppers) has been a staple in my diet as long as I can remember. It was not unusual to open the refrigerator at home (or my grandparents’ house for that matter) to find pimento cheese inside… An easy go-to sandwich for any kid, it is still one of my favorites! A little spread on white bread, and voilà, the perfect afternoon snack!

The Carolinas have the ideal climate to grow pimiento peppers, giving us easy and cheap access to all the ingredients we need. Hence the reason it has become so popular here! According to, “Charlotte is the Pimento Cheese capital of the world. There are 50,000 cups of it produced in the city each week, and this doesn’t count those who make it themselves.” Ha! No wonder I love living here!!!!

If you haven’t had pimento cheese, make it a point to try some this week! You can pick it up at the local grocery store, or make it yourself. My NEW favorite way to serve the spread at parties is to slice up a loaf of french bread, spread on a little cheese, and pop them in the oven for 10 minutes (at 350 degrees). Toasted pimento cheese… to die for! You could even add bacon, or green onions for a little garnish.


Decorating a Small Room

Older homes have lots of character, but they often come with spaces we aren’t sure how to use. The picture below is a room in one of my client’s houses, and without a closet it can’t be considered a bedroom. However, there are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! It would make a great playroom, office, or even guest room!


I loved these ideas from Houzz about decorating a small spare room…

Ask an Expert: How to Decorate a Small Spare Room