5 Reasons to Build a CUSTOM Home

Custom Home CharlotteCharlotte is growing RAPIDLY, but there aren’t a ton of homes on the market… Good ones are getting snatched up within HOURS of listing, so it’s hard to find something you like for the right price. As a result, more and more people are building the home of their dreams! If you find the right builder/contractor it may not be as expensive as you think. Here are five reasons to go this route:

  1. Everything you want, nothing you don’t. The most obvious reason to build a custom home is because you can tailor the home to fit your exact desires. It is always difficult to find the perfect fit, and chances are even more slim when inventory is as low as it is today.
  2. You’re looking at some great tax breaks.You can actually deduct interest, points and property taxes paid while the home is being built!
  3. Create a modern and functional floor plan. Everyone has different needs when it comes to their home. For example, fewer people are utilizing dining rooms- but a master down might be really nice. Maybe you entertain a lot and you want to give your great room or outdoor living space some extra attention. When you create your own floor plan you can specify those exact needs!
  4. Energy efficiency is key. Older homes weren’t built with the technology and information that we have available to use today. You can create a home that is energy efficient and lower all your monthly bills for years to come.
  5. New homes are low maintenance. When you build a new home, all the materials and appliances are new so you’ll have warranties on everything! There is nothing worse than moving into a home only to discover the HVAC needs to be replaced. Additionally, builders will adhere to all the latest safety codes.

The Sarah Moore team has worked with several builders in and around Charlotte. Closing costs are deducted from the seller’s side of the sale, so having an agent represent you while you are building a home WON’T COST YOU A PENNY! We will fight to make sure you are always getting the best deal. Call The Sarah Moore Team today! 704.706.4160



Fido-Friendly Homes

Your fur-baby is an important part of the family, and some things that will make BOTH your lives much easier! Regardless of whether you are buying, selling, or just looking for some easy upgrades here are some Fido-Friendly Features:

1. Fenced Yard
Buyers: Fencing can be a big expense, so look for a home that already has one. Home Owners: A fence will definitely add value to the home, just be sure to check with your HOA on rules and regulations before you install something that doesn’t meet neighborhood standards.

2. Doggie Parks + Walking Trails
Buyers: Look for homes within walking distance to trails, open space and dog parks. Home Owners: Be sure to advertise nearby parks if you are selling!

3. Drop Zone                                                                                                                                      Buyers: Look for a home with a drop zone (space for leashes, toys and other belongings)… this is a blessing when it comes to kids and pets. Home Owners: If you don’t have a mud room, create an area that can serve as storage for your pet. It will make the home seem much cleaner!

4. Flooring
Buyers: Look for homes with resilient flooring that’s easily cleaned. Home Owners: Consider investing in flooring that will stand the test of time. If you are selling, a fresh cleaning and new carpet go a long way!

5. Doggie doors
Buyers: If your dream home doesn’t have a door, remember it can easily be added. However, look for places that already have a fence installed (that would be the bigger expense). Home Owners: Such an easy way to let your dog in and out- Fido needs his freedom!

My kids with CHUNK– our favorite furry friend!!!! 

Kids and Chunk



South End Hops Festival 5.14.16

The 3rd Annual South End Hops Festival is coming up soon! Come out and enjoy local craft beer, live music and food trucks! Bring your favorite furry friend (assuming he/she is well behaved), and bring your own blanket and chairs for your musical and social enjoyment.

General Admission is $35 in advance/$40 day of: this includes 4 hours of unlimited beer tastings. However, you can use promo code CLTNOW to save $10 off GA tickets!!!!!

Getting Pre-Approved!

If you are looking to buy a home in the near future, the first thing you will need is pre-approval from a lender! If you don’t already have a lender, your realtor can definitely give you a few recommendations for excellent lenders in the area. Once you’ve discussed the questions below with your lender they will be able to find your current credit score AND let you know exactly how much house you can afford.

  • What is your annual income?
    Go ahead and add together your salary, commissions, bonuses and investments you earn per year. Maybe grab a copy of last year’s tax return to use as a reference.
  • How much debt are you in?
    Tally up your credit cards, car loans, student loans and other monthly payments. This will help you and the lender determine your debt-to-income ratio. You don’t want a house to take up more than 25% of your monthly income… otherwise you may end up upside-down on the loan. If your debt ratio is HIGH, you may want a lower mortgage.
  • What are you worth?
    Lenders will want to see documentation for anything you own (cars, investment properties, etc.). Be ready to explain any large deposits or withdrawals made recently as well.
  • How much do you want to put down?
    Decide what amount (if any) you will put down on the house. As a homeowner, you will need a little cash set aside for unforeseen emergencies so don’t use everything you have for the down payment! If family members plan to help, the lender will probably want a letter from them.





I. Want. A. Pool!

Worth the read if you are considering making that investment on a in-ground pool! http://www.weopenmoredoors.com

Live Charlotte 365

Temperatures are on the rise in Charlotte, and nothing beats the heat quite like a dip in the pool! What would make your swimming experience even better? How about if it was in the comfort of your very own backyard?!

This time of year many people are deciding whether or not to build an in-ground pool, and that decision can be tough. The first big question is COST. You are definitely looking at a minimum of $20k, maybe up to $50k. There is a fantastic breakdown for cost at Pool Pricer. The next big question is HOME VALUE. Will this pool add value to your home? Unfortunately, pools don’t usually add the same financial value to your property that you put into installation. However, it might be the extra perk for the right buyer. There is an article on Houselogic about the value a pool may or may not add…

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Spring Lawn Care Tips!

Whether or not your are planning to sell this spring, consider boosting the curb appeal of your home! Your neighbors will be happy (maybe even jealous), your guests will be impressed, but most of all you will fell like a king pulling up to your very well groomed castle! Here are some tips for a LUSH and HEALTHY lawn:

1. Find out the acid/alkaline levels of your soil with a testing kit from the hardware store before you buy fertilizer and seed. The test will help you determine the right products to help your lawn and garden grow… and it will tell you what color hydrangeas you can expect!

2. Grass and soil can get compacted during the winter, making it difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach root systems. Aerating, or poking holes in the lawn, helps. You can hire a lawn service to do this, buy a rolling tool, or invite your kid’s baseball team to run around in their cleats!

3. Spring is prime time for seeding sparse areas of your lawn! Just don’t forget to keep those areas well-watered if you want the seed to grow.

4. You have probably noticed weeds and crabgrass popping up all over the place! Now is the time to start applying a natural herbicide to prevent weeds from sprouting. Ask the folks at the hardware store to help you find one that won’t kill any of the surrounding plants.

5.  You instinct may be to mow the lawn as short as possible to avoid mowing again soon. DO NOT DO THIS! NC is famous for summer droughts, and you could end up killing your grass! Set your mower to the tallest setting and cut only about the top third of the grass. Taller blades promote healthier root systems and help shade the ground soil, preventing it from drying out.


Lawn Care.jpg

Spring Break = Home Projects!

Charlotte residents are officially enjoying Spring Break! Hopefully you took Monday and Tuesday to sleep in and relax. If you are anything like me, however, you might be getting a little antsy. Add that to the fact that the KIDS are home, and you may need some new family activities. Nothing like a little SPRING CLEANING to give you an amazing sense of accomplishment this week. Here are a few projects to tackle before you go back to work.

  • Clean out those closets. With the change in season comes a change in fashion! Gear up for your summer wardrobe by cleaning out some of those things you’re never going to wear again. Have the kids get rid of items that no longer fit, and make a donation to your local Salvation Army.
  • Get rid of mold and mildew. Take some time to rent a power washer from your local home improvement store, and give the exterior of your home a good once over. Not only will your home look fabulous under our Carolina blue skies, but you will wash away mold and mildew that can build up and cause significant damage to your home.
  • Clear the gutters. Spring time brings with it new life and unfortunately some of that new life is nesting in your gutters! Now is the time to pull out the ladder and do a quick sweep. You can check to make sure all the gutters are secure BEFORE our summer rain, and you can remove buildup for excellent water flow.
  • Schedule a check-up for your AC unit. As temperatures rise, more of us will be turning on our air conditioners. It might be a good idea to have someone come out to make sure your unit is in tip top shape before the summer heat wave. Contractors get busy over the summer as AC units start to go out, so get yours checked now.
  • Refresh the refrigerator. Between cookouts and kids people are in an out of the refrigerator all summer, so give your fridge a nice thorough cleaning. Wipe down shelves and drawers, and use the hose on your vacuum and clear out dust and grime from the refrigerator coils. It takes less energy to keep things cool if the coils are clean, and with the door opening and closing all summer you’ll want to keep everything nice and cold.

For tips on preparing your home to SELL, call Sarah for a free consultation: 704.706.4160



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