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Why use a realtor?

This year I sold my house and bought another, and it was EXTREMELY STRESSFUL!

Listing your home is tough; inspections, appraisal, repairs, negotiations, etc. You’re saying goodbye to a place with a lot of special memories, and no deal seems fair enough.

Buying a home is exciting, but it feels like you are on the defense; making sure the home is exactly what you want for a price you can afford. You’re always on the lookout for a bait and switch situation.

This is EXACTLY why it helps to have a #Realtor. Someone to explain the process and the paperwork… Someone who’s job it is to FIGHT FOR YOUR BEST INTEREST!

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“Inspections Are A Waste Of Money!” Really?

“I really don’t need those home inspections, they’re a waste of money!” Many people are guilty for thinking this is a true statement. Home inspections are so important, the small amount of money that they cost can save you TONS in the long run. Here is a hypothetical scenario, you are looking at a beautiful and flawless home and before buying it you are asked to get a survey done of the home. You see this as a huge waste of time and money and go ahead and move in without getting a survey of the property done. Later on you realize how close your neighbors fence and irrigation system are to your property. So you take a look at where his property ends, and all of a sudden you realize these are on your property! So you kindly ask your neighbor to remove them from your property, and he slams the door in your face. Well, this doesn’t go over too well with you and you want them gone! Well without having the survey done on your property before, you’re going to pay to have all that removed out of your own pocket. This is just one of the many examples on how getting something as simple as a survey done can help you out to a great extent in the long run!