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Spring Lawn Care Tips!

Whether or not your are planning to sell this spring, consider boosting the curb appeal of your home! Your neighbors will be happy (maybe even jealous), your guests will be impressed, but most of all you will fell like a king pulling up to your very well groomed castle! Here are some tips for a LUSH and HEALTHY lawn:

1. Find out the acid/alkaline levels of your soil with a testing kit from the hardware store before you buy fertilizer and seed. The test will help you determine the right products to help your lawn and garden grow… and it will tell you what color hydrangeas you can expect!

2. Grass and soil can get compacted during the winter, making it difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach root systems. Aerating, or poking holes in the lawn, helps. You can hire a lawn service to do this, buy a rolling tool, or invite your kid’s baseball team to run around in their cleats!

3. Spring is prime time for seeding sparse areas of your lawn! Just don’t forget to keep those areas well-watered if you want the seed to grow.

4. You have probably noticed weeds and crabgrass popping up all over the place! Now is the time to start applying a natural herbicide to prevent weeds from sprouting. Ask the folks at the hardware store to help you find one that won’t kill any of the surrounding plants.

5.  You instinct may be to mow the lawn as short as possible to avoid mowing again soon. DO NOT DO THIS! NC is famous for summer droughts, and you could end up killing your grass! Set your mower to the tallest setting and cut only about the top third of the grass. Taller blades promote healthier root systems and help shade the ground soil, preventing it from drying out.


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Curb Appeal- House Selling Tips

First impressions are definitely a huge factor when you are out house hunting. Some people do not realize what others look for when purchasing a new abode, so here are a few tips to help you out with selling your home….

You will definitely want to clean out all of the debris in your yard and around your home, no one likes a dirty lawn. Adding some new pine needle and/or mulch around your trees and plant beds can definitely WOW people. If you do not care for your lawn, what will make people think you care for your home? Trimming your bushes will help to impress interested people, and flowers also make a wonderful addition to your home. The aroma, the appearance, it all adds to the ambiance of the home. If you add some flowers in a flowerbed or even in some pots it will catch the eye more than you think.

Looking at homes all day makes you start developing an eye for things you need to look at, and I will say… shutters are HUGE. If you have a fresh coat of paint on your shutters it can make your home look brand new! The front door is another attention grabber from a passing consumer. Red is always a great choice to paint your front door, or if that does not match your home design, many dark wood designs are great for brick homes. A welcome mat that has been chewed by your dog will send people running for the hills, so be sure to buy a new welcome mat for your front door. It doesn’t always have to be the holiday season to put a wreath on your front door, it can add a nice effect to your house’s curb appeal. A freshly painted house is obviously key, but a freshly painted front deck or porch is overlooked far too many times. If you have any toys lying around, pick them up and put them away in a nicely organized fashion. Also, if you have a old basketball hoop that is never used, please take it down or replace it with a new one. If you follow these tips your home should be sold in no time, with my help of course!