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Home Improvements That Pay For Themselves!

Everyone has had a home that could use some minor or major improvements. Only reason people avoid certain improvements is because they can be extremely pricey. However, spending $50k to remodel your kitchen to as high end as it comes could be worth it! Now you need to remember that if you put a $50k kitchen in a $100k house, finding a buyer could be difficult with the price you set to pay off that kitchen. Here is a list of some of the best home improvements that will almost pay for themselves in the long run!

-Minor and major kitchen remodel

-Window replacement on either wood or vinyl

-Remodeling a bathroom

-Two-story addition

-Attic bedroom remodel

To get the expanded list with average costs and amount returned, with the percentage of how much the repair pays for itself, click here. Now keep in mind that these are average numbers, the price could be less and the return could be greater!



Helpful Real Estate Apps For Your Smartphone

Many people find the entire smartphone concept perplexing. “It can make phone calls and thats all I need it for!” That statement is extremely out of date, you may just “need” it to make phone calls but why not utilize it if you spent the money? There are many helpful, some already installed, apps on your phone. Obviously calculator and calendar are amazing and save you from forgetting an event or calculating a tip. In today’s day and age we have many other apps which can do a lot more for you than you think, from finding out your clients mortgage payments to finding everything out about a home just from a picture. These are some of my favorite apps for a fellow REALTOR and clients alike;

-HomeSnap by Sawbuck Realty is an app where you can take a picture of a home that is for sale, and using GPS coordinates and matching the picture the app will tell you tons of information about pricing, size, other pictures, when it was last sold, etc.

-Open House Manager by WahSoft LLC is what you expect from the name, an app to help you with open houses! This app is only available for iPads running OS5.1 or later however. It will take everyone’s name and contact information and sync it together with other devices and make it easy to find potential buyers information

-REALTOR.com Mobile Apps by REALTOR.com is great for keeping up with the market and browsing local homes for sale and quickly getting in contact with the listing agent. This is available on Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Those are some of the most helpful apps you can find, and they are all free! For more amazing real estate related apps click here


When Buying A House, Don’t Just Think Of Yourself

A lot of people think about how a certain house or neighborhood pertains just to them. They like to think, “Well if i don’t need it then i don’t want it.” However, what about your buyers? Most of the time you’re not moving into a house you’ll live in for the rest of your life, so consider who you’ll be selling to. If you own a home that is targeted for a small family, even if you don’t have kids, think about schools. If a potential buyer loves your home as much as you did when you bought it, but they just don’t like that local schools you can’t help that. So consider the future buyers you should be expecting for your house.



“If They Are Motivated, I Can Get A Deal!”

Too many times people have the mindset that if the sellers of the house they love really want to sell their home, they will drastically reduce the price. This is not true even to the slightest degree! If you want a seller to reduce to a price that you love, good luck. Put yourself in their shoes and think, “Would I rather sell my home right now for ‘x amount’ less, or wait until the perfect buyer walks through my door?” Well most people like to wait on that perfect buyer. Its not like selling an old bicycle on craigslist where you just want to get rid of it so the first offer seems to be the best offer. Remember, the key is to think like the seller and you might be able to get a better deal.




Why Isn’t Anyone Looking At My House?

When you are attempting to show your home and no one seems to be interested, there are typically three factors that cause this. The first factor is location, if your home is in a bad location you can not change that. That is just where your home is and you need to accept that. The second factor is condition, this can easily be changed. If your home has old vinyl with water damage and peeling paint, nobody will be interested! You need to make sure your home is more than presentable. The third factor is price, this is easily changed but can be difficult for the owner. Price is the first thing most people look for, if your home is $5k overpriced some people may not even bother looking at it. The price you set is not easy to let go of, in some cases you have to drop it though. As long as you have good price, condition, and location there is no reason your home shouldn’t be showing.



I’m Not Going To Do The Renovations, The Buyer Can Worry About Those!

People, if you don’t even have the initiative to do some renovations on your home while trying to sell it you won’t sell it. You need to make sure your home is always pristine! If you have scratched wood floors from your dog running all over them, replace them! If you have a sewage leak problem, this is a must fix! No one will go to a home, smell sewage, and fall in love with the home. If you don’t do the simple renovations it takes to make your home not only presentable, but sellable, then its going to stay on the market for a long time!



But I Have Bills To Pay!!

“I have bills to pay! I need to sell for ‘this much’ more!” Everyone wishes they could sell their home for a price they love so they can be debt free! I mean who wouldn’t love to sell their house for a price so they can pay off their; car, credit cards, and all other financed objects. This is hardly a reality, people will not pay off your bills for you! Just because you dug yourself in a ditch doesn’t mean people will be sympathetic enough to pull you out with another $20k. I wish the world were like that, but sadly it isn’t! The value of your home is the only thing that matters when pricing, personal issues are your own to deal with.