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Why use a realtor?

This year I sold my house and bought another, and it was EXTREMELY STRESSFUL!

Listing your home is tough; inspections, appraisal, repairs, negotiations, etc. You’re saying goodbye to a place with a lot of special memories, and no deal seems fair enough.

Buying a home is exciting, but it feels like you are on the defense; making sure the home is exactly what you want for a price you can afford. You’re always on the lookout for a bait and switch situation.

This is EXACTLY why it helps to have a #Realtor. Someone to explain the process and the paperwork… Someone who’s job it is to FIGHT FOR YOUR BEST INTEREST!

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When Buying A House, Don’t Just Think Of Yourself

A lot of people think about how a certain house or neighborhood pertains just to them. They like to think, “Well if i don’t need it then i don’t want it.” However, what about your buyers? Most of the time you’re not moving into a house you’ll live in for the rest of your life, so consider who you’ll be selling to. If you own a home that is targeted for a small family, even if you don’t have kids, think about schools. If a potential buyer loves your home as much as you did when you bought it, but they just don’t like that local schools you can’t help that. So consider the future buyers you should be expecting for your house.



I Want A “Deal” Show Me Foreclosures!

Foreclosures can be a gold mine sometimes, but not all the time. Sometimes foreclosures can cost you more money than you were hoping to spend in the first place. Most foreclosures are sold as is so you can lose a lot of money by purchasing one. The following are all things you need to consider spending some extra cash on when looking for a foreclosure;

  • appliances
  • damages
  • renovations

Appliances can be bought for a better price when purchased used but they can still put a dent in your check book. Appliances are the least of your worries with foreclosures however, if you buy a foreclosure that needs certain repairs it can destroy your check book.



Why Isn’t Anyone Looking At My House?

When you are attempting to show your home and no one seems to be interested, there are typically three factors that cause this. The first factor is location, if your home is in a bad location you can not change that. That is just where your home is and you need to accept that. The second factor is condition, this can easily be changed. If your home has old vinyl with water damage and peeling paint, nobody will be interested! You need to make sure your home is more than presentable. The third factor is price, this is easily changed but can be difficult for the owner. Price is the first thing most people look for, if your home is $5k overpriced some people may not even bother looking at it. The price you set is not easy to let go of, in some cases you have to drop it though. As long as you have good price, condition, and location there is no reason your home shouldn’t be showing.



But I Have Bills To Pay!!

“I have bills to pay! I need to sell for ‘this much’ more!” Everyone wishes they could sell their home for a price they love so they can be debt free! I mean who wouldn’t love to sell their house for a price so they can pay off their; car, credit cards, and all other financed objects. This is hardly a reality, people will not pay off your bills for you! Just because you dug yourself in a ditch doesn’t mean people will be sympathetic enough to pull you out with another $20k. I wish the world were like that, but sadly it isn’t! The value of your home is the only thing that matters when pricing, personal issues are your own to deal with.


This Home Is Great! But, There’s Not Enough Room For My Piano…

A perfect house means it is perfect in every aspect, not “good enough.” So when looking for a house, take your personal items into consideration. If you have an exceptionally large sectional couch that you love and you’re not ready to part with, will it fit in your new home? You need to consider everything from furniture to decorative pieces. If it wont fit, then accept it and move on to a new home. The same goes for people selling their home, if you have a potential buyer and they say they love the home, but there is not enough room for their furniture, then that’s that!